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  • The Farm or Ranch Wife: Also Known As “Parts Runner”

      This column was originally published July 30, 2014 The act of a farmer or rancher sending his wife to pick up or go get parts is referred to as going on a “parts run.” This is because farmers and ranchers generally want the parts-getter person to hurry in getting the needed parts and hurry…

  • Wrestle Like a Girl–Cowgirl Style

    This past weekend we held our branding and after processing the whole day with my husband Art several different times, we determined that this year’s branding was probably  the best we’ve ever had, or at least that we can remember having. For starters, we had excellent weather. Myles helping bring in the herd for sorting….

  • Ranchdaze

    I’ve been frequenting a new blog site lately called Ranchdaze by a fellow ranch wife, friend, co-worker, girlfriend trip cohort, and mother of boys. My friend JoAnn recently started her own blog and it’s full of humor, photos, stories and a handful of quotes. It’s worth a click and a browse. I got acquainted with…