I’ve been frequenting a new blog site lately called Ranchdaze by a fellow ranch wife, friend, co-worker, girlfriend trip cohort, and mother of boys. My friend JoAnn recently started her own blog and it’s full of humor, photos, stories and a handful of quotes. It’s worth a click and a browse.

I got acquainted with “The Crazy Ranch Wife,” as she calls herself, through her sister Jenny, the owner of a flower shop I worked at when I was in high school (and still do twice a year during Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day). Over the years while helping out at the flower shop, JoAnn and I have gotten to know each other even more. In that time I’ve learned that there isn’t anything JoAnn’s not good at. She is one of those women that make you green with envy. JoAnn excels at gardening, sewing, stained glass work, poetry, cooking, photography, flying an airplane, you name it she’ll excel at it including dressmaker.

When I couldn’t find a wedding gown similar to the style I wanted I approached JoAnn about making my dress. I bought all the material and notions and she was able to piece parts from two patterns and made me my dream gown. Cinderella’s dress couldn’t hold a glass slipper to mine.

I’ve admired JoAnn for years but my admiration for her began when I went to church as a young girl at Custer Lutheran Fellowship where we’ve both been members for decades. I admired JoAnn for her looooong beautiful hair.

The Crazy Ranch Wife always has an amazing flower garden, vegetables worthy of best-of-show, beautiful photos and gorgeous quilts (of which both of my babies have been the recipients of).

You’ll find JoAnn’s gifts and talents as well as her crazy humor on Ranchdaze. Take a look for yourself!

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