One of My New Favorite “Little Things in Life”



I’m big on acknowledging the little things in life that make me happy. One of my favorites is the moment after I’ve sat down in a comfy chair or our couch with a cozy blanket on my lap and I open the pages of a brand new book to start reading.

I love the crispness and newness of a book I just got that I’ve been anxious to start reading. I like sneak-previewing through the book to see what’s ahead before I actually start reading; fanning all the pages and the “tick” sound the pages make as I thumb through them one at a time. I even like the smell of new paper that the book’s pages gives off.

Now imagine what it’s like to open up a whole box of brand new books! The moment I lift the flaps on each new box of my books is my latest new favorite little moment that makes me happy and excited. All the books are packed in two stacks with twisted filler paper and the book covers are all glossy and shiny! I love handling each and every one not just to thumb through but to sign and slip into the mailers for a new book order. I love getting to do this process. Signing and shipping a book to someone has become a happy little ritual I enjoy.

What you will find in my new book A Ranchwife’s Slant: Cowboys, Kids and Ranch Life are photos of my kids and husband, the shirt my husband wore on our first date and still wears, baby calves, our kids’ best cow Annabelle, our horses, our cows, and our dog Pepper. You will also find my kids’ witticisms, ranch lingo defined, ranch humor, and ranch stories pertaining to marriage, parenting, the gender gap, and mishaps.

At my pre-Christmas book signings, my book has been a popular gift idea and it’s suitable for anyone: teachers, co-workers, employees, friends, the hard-to-buy for, neighbors, newlyweds, old weds, girlfriends, bosses, in-laws, pastors, and that’s just a few of the kinds of recipients I’ve been told books were being purchased for. My book is and ideal to have on hand for last-minute gift ideas, but be sure and get a copy for yourself! You can order books from this site any time by clicking the “Buy My Book”  tab in the upper right-hand corner on my home page.

Thank you to all those who have purchased a book and allowed me to savor  my new favorite little moments in life that make me happy—opening a new box of books, digging them out and holding each one in my hand, admiring their covers, signing them, and handling them to mail out.

May you have many blessings in the coming year. Happy New Year everyone!

2 responses to “One of My New Favorite “Little Things in Life””

  1. Sue Avatar

    Hi Amy,
    Your book arrived just after Christmas, and I could not put it down. The little gems your kids came up with over the years made me chuckle and reminded me of the things that my two said that had us rolling up with laughter. Here’s a couple with translation – Statubes (statues), Twigs (wigs), Toast Posis (Post Office) – The last two really cracked us up!!
    Thankyou so much for giving me a real first hand idea of the ups and downs of ranch life. I always knew you guys don’t have it easy, but at least you can have some laughter along the way, even though it’s not always laughable at the time it happens, especially where livestock is concerned. Tell Art I like his ‘tash – Sam Elliott always has been my favourite cowboy in buckskin. Keep up the good work. Sue

  2. Amy Avatar

    thank you so much Sue, for sharing! I’m sure Art’s ego will appreciate your comment! LOL

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