The Mustache Craze



 I don’t know if anyone has noticed the current a trend with mustaches these days, but they’re really popular right now. My husband isn’t aware of the trend but all the hype about mustaches plus my husband’s decision to grow a mustache again after a long hiatus inspired a column and I decided to blog about it also.

I’ve seen mustaches on all sorts of merchandise. Our teenage daughter has also become interested in the trend and bought a mustache ring.


She recently took her picture and photo edited it with her dad’s picture and texted this to him.


When I met my husband Art, he was sporting a big walrus-like mustache. This was taken a few years after we got married, back when he waxed his mustache. We were expecting our first child.


The thick whiskers are somewhat of a Kirk family trademark and my husband has always been proud that he could grow a big mustache like his great granddad, John A. Kirk.  Art likes his ‘stache to look like his great grandfather’s. This is John and Anna Kirk’s wedding picture.


John A. and Anna Kirk with their first child, and Art’s grandfather, Tom Kirk. 

 Art’s great great grandfather, Thomas Kirk


Art’s great great grandfather George Harris


Art’s also been a longtime admirer of actor Sam Elliott’s and cowboy humorist Baxter Black’s mustaches. For the past several years my husband’s been mostly clean shaven, growing one only briefly a few times but a while back I received an email from Baxter Black regarding a column I’d written about ranching husbands and wives that included a special salutation to my husband. Since receiving that email, my husband decided to grow his mustache back. He has this premonition that we are going to meet Baxter Black in the near future and wants to be sporting his trademark mustache in case a photo opportunity occurs. He wants to have our picture with Mr. Black taken of me standing between the two ‘stache wearing cowboys.


I’m not sure if we’ll get a chance to be photographed with Baxter Black anytime soon, but its been amusing to witness my husband and daughter sharing such an odd little common interest.

3 responses to “The Mustache Craze”

  1. Renee-Lucie Benoit Avatar
    Renee-Lucie Benoit

    Hi Amy, Again, I must comment how I love your way with taking ordinary things and elevating them. I think you could make something out of dirt! I’m not being sarcastic. I really mean it. BTW Now Baxter Black Must come meet you. It wouldn’t be right if he didn’t. Tell him I said so. Best, Renee-Lucie (NoCal Ranch Wife)

  2. Candy C. Avatar

    My hubby has had a ‘stache since he was in his 20s. He actually shaved it off awhile back because he trimmed it crooked (and he thought he would look younger!) and I could not WAIT for it to grow back! LOL!!
    P.S. Come on down to S.E. AZ if you want to meet ol’ Baxter Black. We see him in town quite often. 🙂

  3. Buttons Avatar

    Oh Sam Elliot I admire his “stache” myself along with his voice:)
    I love this post and the old photos are awesome. You have a great blog. B

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