We’re Covered

Since my household has noticed a significant drop in the temperature here recently, one of the things I did this past week was dig out and sort through our heavier blankets, flannel sheets, and quilts in preparation for the Black Hills’ notoriously early cold weather.

This one is more of a couch blanket because of its smaller size and was given to us by one of my husband’s relatives who has since passed away.

When my husband and I got married we got a LOT of quilts as gifts. One of the thoughts I had about receiving so many was that of our guests must’ve thought that we would be cold and need them. The other thought I had was that my groom and I were blessed and fortunate enough to know so many wonderful quilters who were willing to spend a lot of time making such a useful wedding gift for us (I’m all about useful gifts). I’m sure the fact that my mother quilted and had quilting friends in addition to the quilter girlfriends I also knew, had a lot to do with the kinds of gifts we received also.


I was told the following quilt  is a third generation quilt. A long-standing family friend made and gave it to my mom (for our wedding), who in turn, gave it to us for our wedding. They both embroidered their names on it for us (of which I took a picture but it turned out blurrier than I thought). It’s symbolism of the quilt being passed down the generations had special meaning to me. I also like it’s large size.

I cherish every quilt we got for our wedding and each one graces our bed throughout the year.

In all of my married years, I’ve never bought a bedspread because we’ve always had adequate “warmage” with the quilts we got  for our wedding. If these quilt-giving  guests did in fact intuition that my husband and I would need quilts to keep us warm during South Dakota’s winters, then they knew something I didn’t. The home we live in now tends to get quite brisk when it’s really cold out. 

 This is one of my favorites that my mother made especially for our wedding. I love the colors and the flannel backing. It’s like a comfort food only it doesn’t make me put on weight.

The quilts we received are my most prized wedding gifts and I think of the givers who made them every time I see their quilt.

My paternal grandmother started making this for me several decades ago. It’s a state flower quilt; she embroidered all fifty state flowers. What’s really amazing is she made one for me and each of my first cousins; there’s 15 of us. She finally finished them all and I just got mine a few years ago.

This one was given to me by my mom’s dear quilting friend whom I also worked for when I first got married, doing the bookkeeping for her family’s sawmill business. I love it because it has my wedding colors, is made of cotton-polyester blend which holds up better after years of washing and it’s big enough to cover our queen-size bed!

Many were made using our wedding colors: purple and teal. Quilts definitely suit our country lifestyle and décor: I decorate with comfort and country in mind. I like this one because of the striking teal grean hues. One of my husband’s relatives gave the quilt top to us as a wedding gift and after 10 or so years, I finally asked my sister-in-law if she would quilt it for me, so now it actually gets used and we can enjoy it as well.


On my wedding day, my focus was not on everything needing to be perfect or having a pristine, elegant ceremony and reception. For starters, our ceremony was held outdoors in front of a barn. Our reception hall was the humble Pringle Fire Hall building that didn’t have finished walls. You could see the studs (we’re talking about 2×4’s, not all the single groomsmen and male guests that attended)  and my quilter mother, her quilter friends, and my quilter friends, generously offered some of their quilts to cover the walls; making the reception a place of country beauty. It was a welcoming place.

 One of my favorite and beloved quilts is this one.

There is one quilt square that had three different colors instead of two which one of my aunts received. I think it is kind of cool, but is sometimes hard to find (I think it’s on the other side).

It was given to me at a bridal shower. All of the shower guests were secretly asked to sew a nine-patch quilt square with the pieces and instructions provided and was put together by my mom and two of my dearest friends; then given to me as a surprise. In addition to the quilt, everyone contributed their written best wishes or advice, which was compiled in a scrapbook covered with the leftover quilt squares as part of my gift. When it was revealed to me during our wedding shower that everyone present and many not present had made a square for the quilt, I was dumbfounded. Many of my friends didn’t even know how to sew.

These treasured, heart-felt wedding presents have brightened up many brutal winters while keeping us warm at the same time.

This one is special because it was my maternal grandmother’s who’s since passed away. My mom cut out all the squares and my grandmother pieced it and did all the quilting for it. I love it because of the beautiful and colorful pattern.

When my husband and I started having babies, both of my kids benefitted from all the wonderful quilters in our lives also. They each received numerous unique baby quilts that I still have and love, and are stored away for safe keeping.

Nothing warms the heart and soul or cold body like the gift of quilts.

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  1. Robyn Avatar

    I love this blog post; it is my new favorite! Your quilts are beautiful!
    .-= Robyn´s last blog ..Friday … That Pretty Much Sums It Up =-.

  2. Jennifer Avatar

    Oh, you have such a beautiful collection of quilts! I definitely think it’s a well-used, washed to buttery softness family quilt that is the best thing you can own!
    .-= Jennifer´s last blog ..Hit the road =-.

  3. Janet Avatar

    Pretty collection.

  4. Amy Avatar

    Thank you! Sometimes I’m amazed at how many I have. I forget that most people don’t have as many quilts as we do and feel lucky.

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