Kid Quotes Are the Best

I love to collect quotes but the ones by my kids are my favorite. It’s true that if you don’t write down the funny things your kids say right away, you’ll forget it. It’s happened to me and I’ve regretted not trying harder to get them written down. I’ve only forgotten to write down what my kids have said a few times.

My mom started a tradition of writing down humorous quotes my brothers and I said when we were small. Years later, those quotes became a family treasure and a few favorite one-liners have become legendary. My mom made an effort to write those kid quotes down in a small green spiral notebook. They would’ve been long forgotten otherwise. Reading through them as an adult has made me laugh so hard I cried.

At my first baby shower, my aunt gave me a new hardcover lined journal with a note that said it was for recording my kids’ quotes in. As my kids grew, I made an effort to use the journal and it now has many pages filled.

Writing down the funny things they have said hasn’t been difficult. I’ve always just written the quote down on whatever piece of paper happened to be handy and slipped it in a spot where I would find it later so that I could transfer it to the book.

Typically, my slips of papers end up tucked into the book and I’ll periodically transfer the stack of quotes when I have time to re-write them.

I’ve always recorded the month and year and which kid said the quote because I will forget if there’s not a name written down.  When I re-write the quote in the book, I keep the list of quotes of both kids by year. It’s become handy to do it this way when I include my kids’ quotes for the past year as part of my newsletter. Doing so has become family and friends’ favorite part of our newsletter. Using quotes also makes a wonderful addition to a scrapbook page for scrapbookers out there.

There have been many times I’ve dug out my kid’s quotes book to boost my mood on a blue or bad day. It doesn’t take reading many lines before I’m laughing hysterically and searching for tissues to wipe the laugh tears coming from my eyes. I’ve even read their quotes for inspiration in writing my column.

My kids love to read the things they said when they were little too. My kids are likely to carry on the tradition once they have a family. Here are a few recent gems from my book:

Daughter: What does it mean when it says “from NG” on Dad’s gift?

Me: “Norwegian Goddess”

Daughter: Oh. I thought it meant “Nag Girl”

Daughter: She sticks out like a sore finger.

Son regarding his ball cap: It’s like a dog’s; I don’t someone else’s scent on it.

Son to me about sister: She wants you to help her with something. That could be everything.

Son about hour-long car ride: This is making me domesticated.

Son: I’m hungrier than a coyote with mange.

Daughter: Let’s calm ourselves down and play a board game.

Daughter: Mom, do you think a tornado is powerful enough to rip open a stuffed animal?

Having a book of humorous quotes from kids is a family tradition worth starting. I highly recommend that parents and grandparents write down what their kids and grandkids say. Keep them in a book and guard them in your safe like you would your other important documents. The things kids say are valuable.

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  1. Dawn Herring Avatar

    I’m so glad you gave me this link; I laughed out loud at several of the quotes you showcased from your kids. Hysterical!
    I love the idea of keeping a quote journal to allow our kids’ words to live on in a keepsake. Using it to boost your mood (since you’re laughing so hard) is downright delightful! Such a wonderful benefit and a tangible way to appreciate our kids right where they are and where they’ve been verbally.

    I have chosen your post, Kid Quotes are the Best, for the #JournalChat Pick of the Day on 6/1/11 for all things journaling on Twitter. I will post a link on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and my blog, Refresh with Dawn Herring.

    My @JournalChat account on Twitter is for all things journaling.

    Thanks again for giving us a peek into your world featuring things your kids say. May we all treasure these times with our kids!

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    JournalWriter Freelance
    @JournalChat on Twitter for all things journaling

  2. Amy Avatar

    Thanks Dawn for the mentions! The only bad thing about kid quotes is that the older they get, the less things I get to write down!

  3. Patti Dinucci Avatar

    You have a way with words. Excellent work!

  4. Amy Avatar

    thank you! I do love working with words!

  5. Katie Avatar

    Hi Amy,

    Your kids’ quotes are so funny! I love the one about being domesticated from a car ride. When my niece started talking, I was dying to give my sister-in-law a journal to start jotting down the quotes. I couldn’t find one for that specific purpose, so I made one. It was just published! It has many pages for quotes as well as a section at the end for other memories. It’s called “My Angel Said What?” and it just became available on Amazon.


  6. Amy Avatar

    Thanks for sharing and info about the journal to record them!

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