My Kids

Remember when the topic of whether or not cloning should be allowed? Well my husband and I had already cloned ourselves way before then. Shhh! We successfully cloned a boy and girl; our little heathens.

My husband and I managed to clone our personalities in them as well. They just got switched around. Our son looks identical to my partner in crime—except for the facial hair part—and shares my personality. Our daughter looks exactly like me but is equipped with my rancher-husband’s personality and hypnotic hazel eyes.

Our boy wrestles calves in mud and manure when he’s not wrestling opponents on the mats at wrestling tournaments. He eats cooked rocky mountain oysters straight from the branding stove, pees outside, wears overshoes to school, likes real cream on his cereal, and prefers driving a stick-shift since that’s what he learned to drive at the age of seven.

Our girl may be cute, but dynamite comes in small packages. She’s tough. And likes hanging out with the guys (her dad and brother) checking cows, eradicating varmints with .22’s and helping with daily livestock chores when possible. She hates pink and isn’t a pansy–she doesn’t have a problem peeing outside if she has to. She wears her coveralls and scotch cap to school and has no qualms about running off classroom bullies to the back of the line.

Our kids may be rough around the edges but when it’s time for them to leave the ranch I’m confident they’ll do just fine. I started putting them on the notorious Pringle school bus when they started Kindergarten and knew that if they could survive riding roughest and rowdiest bus, they could survive anything.

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