My Husband

You know those husbands who are surprisingly really good at cooking and enjoy making supper for the family in order to give his wife a night off from cooking? Well that’s not my husband.

Mine is mostly about the ranch work on our place: a very prompt, analytical, focused, and a meticulous cattle producer who loves baling wire and black ink ballpoint pens. Ranch work drives him as well as cows. Ranch to-dos rarely leave his thoughts.

Even though he doesn’t cook and his work ethic and rough-and-tough exterior remind me of Captain Woodrow F. Call from Lonesome Dove, I have a husband who can fix anything and has never let us down, which to me is worth more than having a homemade five star meal I didn’t have to cook.  Whether it’s a vehicle, a plugged toilet, the kids’ stuff or non-working appliances, he will not rest until he fixes our problems—except for our mental ones. He doesn’t have that much time.

I’m married to the “Master of Many” (minus the cooking). Ranching requires numerous skills that fortunately for our cows and household, he’s better at than I am. His determined and industrious nature nag at him until he finds a way to resolve whatever problem arises.

Like Woodrow, he’s a man of his word. I love this about my Woodrow. When he says he’s going to do something or makes a promise, he aims to keep it and doesn’t disappoint or put it off. When he said he was going to convert the Ford Explorer into a ranch pickup, he did it. He also pays close attention to small details. Nothing gets past him even when I’ve managed to keep my mouth shut, and he picks up on stuff most people never notice, which always amazes me even though it shouldn’t by now.

My husband and I are proud of our deep rural roots and take great pleasure in sharing them with our children.

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