It’s A New Year!

I was going through all my past columns on New Year’s Eve and came across this column I wrote about the New Year in 2013. Just had to share and thought it could easily apply to every new year.

Wishing You a Happy List of Little Stuff in the New Year


The New Year is upon us and I want to wish you more than the standard clichéd “Happy New Year” line. What I hope for you are things that are possible and realistic and the kinds of wishes that you’d appreciate if they happened to you. There’s a little New Year’s wish for everyone.


  • For starters,  may your pants still fit after the holidays.
  • May you always have a hankie handy when you need to blow your nose—especially when it begins to drip in public.
  • May relatives and friends visit when you have time on your hands and could use some company, and stay away when you’re most busy (calving, haying).
  • May equipment breakdowns occur at convenient times this year.
  • May you make it through the year without leaving your purse some place in public, at a friend’s, or a relative’s who lives far away (for ranch people that could be the next town).
  • May your bathroom time not be disturbed.
  • May your clothes be free of food stains before you get to your destination.
  • May the majority of arguments and decisions between you and your mate be miraculously agreed upon.
  • When unexpected company arrives shortly before supper, may you think of something that’s quick and easy to fix for supper. Or at least have meat      thawed out.
  • May you frequently find more rain in your rain gauge than you expected.
  • May your branding go smoothly and streamlined and may you have good weather for it.
  • May your keys, glasses, cell phone, or shop tools always be right where you go to find them.
  • May your bank or ag loans be small, paid off, or not necessary this year.
  • May three-fourths of the mud, dirt, or dust stay outside instead of camping on
    your kitchen floor.
  • May you open your wallet and find that you still have cash in there.
  • In dealing with loved ones may you be blessed with a lot more patience than last year.
  • May you get your good 9 X 13” cake pan back.
  • May you find an item (or toy if you’re a child) you lost a long time ago and dearly missed AND find what you originally went to look for.
  • May you get credit for your ideas and may you see them implemented.
  • May your spouse correctly read your mind at least once or twice this year.
  • May those questionable laundry stains come out unexpectedly clean.
  • May your big projects get done sooner than anticipated.
  • When he or she says, “I need your help for a sec,” may it really only be for a sec.
  • May you be able to get to your destination without being harped on to stop and ask for directions.
  • May you reveal some money when you could really use it.
  • May you be able to get an undisturbed nap more often than last year.
  • May the number of times you irritate your spouse be a great percentage less than normal in 2013.
  • May the gates you meet open and shut with ease.
  • May you know what you’re getting yourself into.

I have many more but these will get you off to a good start in the new year. They may be just little things but when you add them up they can make a
big difference in a year’s time.

(this column was previously published Dec26-30, 2012)

Amy Kirk © 2012


4 responses to “It’s A New Year!”

  1. Robyn Avatar

    Oh how you make me laugh, Miss Amy! Spoken like a real ranch wife with lots of experience.

    I really struggle with the nose drip, especially at church.

    J’s Sister found a shirt on-line that was at the top of the Christmas gift list. It says “I Spill Thinks” across the front. The family got a good chuckle when J’s Dad opened the box.

    I do work on irritating J less or at least being mindful enough to not break things. I made it until January 2nd! At least it was an easy fix. There is not hope reading his mind. If we have something going on and have to do chores a little different than normal J gives me the plan. When we step outside 5 minutes later everything is different than the plan. I just what to be in the right place at the right time.

    We get along pretty good and most days run smooth.

  2. Kim @ Kim's County Line Avatar
    Kim @ Kim’s County Line

    This made me laugh out loud. Thanks to Robyn for sharing the link. Amy, I hope you can accomplish at least part of your list this year! Greetings from a farm wife in Kansas!

  3. Amy Avatar

    Thank you Kim for sharing! Always enjoy meeting another woman in ag, even if it’s a “virtual” meet and greet! Regards, Amy

  4. Amy Avatar

    I can so relate to changed plans! I got your wonderful note. Thank you so much for sending me the extra clipping. I hope I get to see you at the Stock Show. I always appreciate the wonderful surprises you send in the mail. Hugs my dear friend Robyn!

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