A Thing of Beauty


 photos by Amy Kirk

 A lot of the pictures I take on our ranch are of our livestock, but this summer I’ve enjoyed seeing photo opportunities of our hay. As you can see we don’t have an abundance of these round bales sitting in our hayfield, but compared to last year hay crop these bales are a beautiful sight.


Several times over the summer I’ve talked to other ranch friends about how I can’t believe just seeing hay bales sitting in our hayfield has lifted the spirits of my husband and me. It’s relieved us of a huge worry. Due to the drought last year we didn’t have enough of a hay crop to bale. In the winter we fed our cows carryover hay and dodged having to spend a lot of money on hay.  This year, every time the rain wakes me up, I say a prayer of thanks. This summer’s moisture has been such a blessing and its amazing how its presence has boosted our moods.

Even though our round bale numbers aren’t the bumper crop figures we’ve had in some years past, there is a huge sense of relief that we will have put up some of our own hay to feed our cows with this winter. In fact, the past few weeks we’ve received enough rain that getting the rest of our hay put up has been delayed. We are likely still going to have to buy some hay, but at least it won’t be as much as we worried about having to buy when we were looking ahead to summer this past spring.

Every morning I see this view from our house and every morning I love seeing bales out there. I find the sunrise peeking over the ridge and onto these bales such a picturesque scene this year. I was finally motivated to take the time to photograph my morning view.

I think a lot of prayers have been answered this summer about rains and moisture. Seeing round bales in fields across theMidwestare a thing of beauty.

4 responses to “A Thing of Beauty”

  1. Deb Avatar

    Those bales are a beautiful sight! We feel the same way here in North Central Nebraska after last year’s terrible drought. We haven’t had an excess of rain, but it’s been adequate and timely and it’s so nice to see abundant grass in the pastures, as well as the meadows!

  2. Buttons Avatar

    Oh I LOVE these shots and understand the meaning in this. We were affected by the drought last year and just made it through the harsh winter with the little we had after selling half our herd. Luckily we have almost doubled our crop of hay and will not to sell as many of our cows this year and we are very grateful. I do hope you get a second cut and all the hay you need. I will always love the view of hay bales in the fields it is a sign of hope. Take care. B

  3. Madge @ The View From Right Here Avatar

    SO thankful that you’ve received the blessings from your land this year!

  4. Amy Avatar

    Thanks Madge for sharing your comments! We’ve just been blessed??? with an early snow over the weekend and the moisture’s made some green grass sprout up! Hope you have been blessed as well.

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