Full Moons

Even though a full moon tends to wreak havoc on my sleep, I can’t resist looking admiringly at the moon every month. It doesn’t always look the same and sometimes it’s more beautiful-looking than others.

I usually struggle to get enough sleep when the moon’s out but not shorted enough to curse it for keeping me up. Year round, every time we get a full moon I take a few moments to look at its soft glow and how it illuminates the landscape. When it’s summertime, I like to walk outside or even sleep out in the yard under the light of the moon to savor its beauty. I especially love summer moons because I enjoy listening to the sounds of nature, wildlife, and the crickets chirping while watching the moon come out of hiding but even in the wintertime I can’t resist getting a glimpse of the moon from a window.

I like how on a clear night I can see everything without a yard light and find it very relaxing and calming to let the moon entertain me while I enjoy watching and listening quietly to the nightlife that surrounds our place. These are photographs I took of the last full moon as it began its ascent into the darkening sky.


The next time you can’t sleep, see if the moon’s out to join you.

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