Meet #1594

This is our newest bull that replaces one that went MIA last fall out on our Forest Service lease. After we moved cows back home up by Pringle last fall, we spent a lot of time checking the tanks, salt spots and popular herd hangouts hoping to find our missing bull but we nor did the neighbors we talked to, see our bull.

My husband and a neighbor went to a bull sale held at the Belle Fourche Livestock Exchange salebarn back in April. A lot of great looking bulls were sold…way out of our price range, but we did get the bid for this guy.

The bull we used for our heifers the last couple of years is now turned out with the other bulls and our cows on Forest Service and our new bull is spending the summer with our heifers.

We had a rough start with him when we first got him this spring. The day my husband and son took him up to Pringle where the other bulls were, the guys unloaded #1594 and right away the bull found a hole in the feed rack that the other bulls had been working on and made a getaway that lasted for a week. Not the kind of relationship you want to start off with after buying a new bull. My husband got plenty of cowboying in looking for him that week which paid off. He was able get our young bull back home before we turned all the bulls out on May 15th.

Nowadays, #1594 seems preoccupied with our heifers and not as interested in exploring. We look forward to his, shall we say, contributions?

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