Shorts made from cutting off the pant legs are the quintessential country girl’s style. I love my cutoff shorts.

Whenever I’m not doing ranch-related work that requires wearing jeans, I like to wear cutoff shorts rather than store-bought ones. I prefer cutoffs because they were formerly my comfortable and favorite jeans and I can still wear them instead of turning them over to the grease rags pile. Like my husband’s attachment to his long-sleeved thin fabric work shirts, it’s hard for me to give up on a likeable pair of jeans entirely.

When a good pair of jeans start to show enough wear that they aren’t nice looking for church or special occasions, then they become work jeans. I wear them as work jeans until barbwire snags turn into bigger holes, or the fabric at the knees gets so thin they rip into a hole when I bend down at the knee. Sometimes I’ll patch up an old pair of jeans to extend the life of them for ranch work if I need the work jeans and sometimes I’ll make shorts out of them. Especially when pair of jeans have been a longtime favorite, I like turning them into a favorite pair of shorts.

Cutoffs are my signature style of summertime in the country.

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