If I were to give you a drive by tour of Pringle, I would most definitely show you the Pringle Fire Hall. Our community might be small (pop. 125), but we do have a great fire department.

Like most rural fire departments, ours is volunteer, and they’re a great group of guys.

I’m sentimental about the Pringle Fire Hall because when my husband and I got married we had our wedding reception there, so I would probably talk a lot about that on the tour.

The fire hall is a LOT nicer now. Several years ago the interior was finally finished, the bathrooms got a major makeover, and the entrance was redone.

People used to enter from the north side of the building for community events but after remodeling, today’s main entrance is located on the west side; what used to be a garage door entrance. When my husband and I got married the interior of the building wasn’t insulated and there were bare stud walls, so we had to come up with a creative way to cover them and decorate the hall for our reception (we used lots and lots of quilts).

Most town events used to take place at the old Pringle Civic Hall but since the fire hall’s improvements, it has become the new hub of most Pringle community events: 50th birthday parties, baby showers, game feeds, dances, community wide garage sales, and is the chosen location for fellowship and food after funerals. As far as I know, there hasn’t been another wedding reception here since my husband and I got married.

The most recent addition to the Pringle Volunteer Fire Department’s property is the newly installed flagpoles, antique fire equipment and the old Pringle country school bell.

I’m proud of this project also, because of the work my husband (also a fire dept. volunteer) did on it. Since he’s a welder, he was asked to weld the framework together that the bell sits on.


I wished I would’ve gone with him the day he took his portable welder up to work on it and taken pictures because he said the project started out just a couple of guys until more and more people driving by stopped to help and watch until it became a crowd of locals. A Pringle logger used his logging truck loader to install the bell.

The PVFD’s buildings, equipment, and trucks have come a long way and I like that our residents have such a great place to gather. Our community may be small, but our town pride is huge.

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