Calving 2012

Over the past week and a half, some of our kids’ cows finally had their calves and Wednesday, the most important cow in the whole herd finally calved. Annabelle, currently our only Hereford cow and the kids’ first bucket calf that started their herd, had her calf. Every calving season it’s a big deal in our family when Annabelle finally has her calf. We keep every heifer calf she has for the kids’ herd.

In years past we eartagged all of the calves but my husband got irritated that some of the calves lost their eartags and felt it was a waste of time and money. For the past couple of years we’ve done away with eartagging calves except for the kids’. I tried to suggest going with a different brand of eartags but my husband was fine with his decision so I didn’t push it. One less thing we have to stay on top of when we’re busy.

We’ve also finally started seeing baldy calves show up.

Since we’re partial to black baldy cattle and it has been about ten years since we’ve run Hereford bulls with our cows, I suggested last spring when it  was time to get some new bulls that maybe we should run some Hereford bulls to get some baldies back in the herd again. The bulls were tested, but we hadn’t seen any baldy calves for a few weeks. I was beginning to regret making the suggestion and my husband was making plans to have the bulls retested, but in the last week or so we started seeing some baldy calves have started showing up; putting our minds at ease.

My husband and I concluded that our new Hereford bulls probably just got run off by the other Angus bulls the first few weeks after we turned the bulls out with the cows last spring.

It’s been fun when my husband and I go out and check the herd for new babies and are surprised by a new baldy calf. The recent weather we’ve been having has been a real blessing and has made calving and checking a lot easier and less stressful. One of my favorite activities this time of year is “calf watching.” I love to see baby calves bucking and running pell-mell all over the pasture. They’re so curious and funny. Good times on the Kirk ranch!

4 responses to “Calving 2012”

  1. Robyn Avatar

    Hey Amy!

    Lovely Black Baldy calves! Calves are fun to look at and watch and I like a baldy to photograph.

    We have not had one baldy yet, but we usually don’t get that many.

    I hope the great calving weather continues. We are down to the last 10 heifers to calf. The cows are due around April 1st.

  2. Farm Boy Avatar

    Hope you get some more baldies! Me and my sister are trying to get our dad to buy a Hereford bull, as we are getting into have a lot of all-black cows, and black-white-face is what we look for on our farm too. I was very surprised at the similarities in your farm, as just yesterday, me, my sister and my brother’s most special bucket-calf-to-cow calved! She is not Hereford, and we currently have no pure-Herefords on our herd, but we have one red-white-face, and two pure-Hereford heifers that will join the Lazy TS herd next year. It is very neat to find another family whose kids have their own cattle herd, and who breed black-white-face cattle. 🙂

  3. Jennifer Avatar

    Baby calves are so fun!

  4. Amy Avatar

    I agree! I thoroughly love finding other families who share the same lifestyle that my family does, as well as similar stories about their cattle. Thanks so much for sharing and best of luck with growing your own herd!

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