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Being able to take off and physically explore the nooks and crannies of my state the way I want to isn’t something I’m able to do at leisure due to the responsibilities of my family’s lifestyle. The best alternative I’ve found for experiencing the rest of South Dakota is by having these places delivered to my mailbox.

South Dakotans are not only fortunate to be residents here, we also have a magnificent magazine dedicated to featuring interesting stories about of all the incredible places and people in our state. Traditional South Dakota foods, town histories and cultures are collected in one glossy bimonthly magazine. All of the wonderfully written features are complimented with stunning photographs. I live in the far western quarter of the state and seeing photos of the rest of South Dakota’s towns and points of interest is my cheap travel escape and reading about my fellow South Dakotans is the next best thing to meeting them.

Finding the South Dakota magazine in my mailbox is the highlight of the week’s mail and a real delight to receive. I can make enjoying it last for several weeks by deliberately not reading all of it at once. The first thing I do upon receiving the latest issue is drop all of the other mail.

I delight in each magazine issue by perusing the photographs and scanning the titles, and figure out which stories I want to read first. One of my favorite features of the magazine is having all of the places that are featured marked on a map of South Dakota


with the page number so I get a visual of where the town is located in the state and in relation to where I live. Sometimes the places that are featured I’m aware of, live by, or have passed through, but sometimes I’ve never heard of the towns until I’ve read about them in the magazine. More than once on a rare trip traveling across the state, I’ve passed by a place that’s familiar to me only because I read about it in the South Dakota magazine. Regardless of my knowledge of all the great places in South Dakota I always learn something new about other towns and landmarks that the SD Magazine features.

I especially love reading about other small towns in eastern South Dakota. There’s something special about each town that always sticks in my memory. Even if I haven’t been there yet, reading about South Dakota’s towns takes you there.

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    Hi Amy,

    Thanks for the love! We enjoy reading your blog, too!

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    Kari Sanders

    We enjoy reading this as well.

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