Accurate Source for Meat Safety Information

One of the things about the media that bothers me the most is how much inaccurate information is being shared so freely with people—most especially about our livelihood and the industry we work hard for. When I took a journalism class in high school for the high school newspaper, I was taught to report on the facts. It appears that reporters are getting lax in reporting the facts or report on biased facts and that anyone can consider themselves an expert.

On the other hand, one of the advantages of having access to so much information is that there are sites available that I can direct people to and share accurate information with readers such as

Consumers hear a lot of untruths about meat and have a lot of questions about the products available in the meat section that the site addresses in the FAQ’s tab in addition to educating consumers about meat inspection practices. It also shows articles printed with correct information, shares information on hot topics and lists several other links to accurate information regarding meat and health and food production. There is a huge list of all the contact information of genuine experts for anyone to contact. The meat safety site is the best place to go to get correct answers and learn accurate information from real experts (you know, people educated in the field and deal with the industry for a living).

Meatsafety arms consumers with safe meat handling practices, and talks about the myths regarding meat and cancer and meat’s role in nutrition. It’s important for people to know the truth and to share the truth. If anyone you know is getting inaccurate or questionable information about meat I recommend directing them to this site as well as the others listed as links on the site.

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