Women I Admire #4: Amy Poehler, Comedienne

Since I am drawn to good comedies, what’s funny in movies, shows, and personalities, and am inspired by other people’s humor (especially comediennes), Amy Poehler is another woman I admire. I turn to different comedy sources for my column writing inspiration. 

I first discovered Amy in the movie Baby Mama with co-star Tina Fey. I loved Amy’s character “Angie.”  I picked up a lot of Angie lines from the movie that I use around my house and I am anxious to own the movie. There are times when I just feel like having a good laugh and want to watch Angie in all her finery (if you see the movie you’ll see what I mean).

Amy is currently a cast member of the show Parks & Recreation which I have not seen an episode of yet since we are not cable or satellite subscribers but plan to watch online. Earlier in her career, she was part of the Upright Citizens Brigade, where she met and became friends with Tina Fey. She is also a former Saturday Night Liver. One of my favorite SNL Amy Poehler episodes was during the last Presidential campaign when she was very pregnant and sang a rap song spoof “EyesonObama” for guest star Sarah Palin. She also spoke at Harvard last may and I’ve watched the video several times just for her humor.

What I like about Amy besides her comedy is the way she carries herself. Even pregnant she’s funny. There’s no air-of-arrogance-because-she’s-famous about her. I like watching and listening to her because I get a lot of witty inspiration from her. And let’s face it, everybody can benefit from some good comedy now and then. When I need some good humor in my day, I look up my favorite Amy Poehler moments.

I was really excited when I discovered while looking up some links to include about her, that she was just honored for her humor this past weekend and received the Variety 2011 Power of Comedy Award.

Amy’s a 70’s born baby like me so we’re about the same age which I also think is kind of cool butI love the name her parents gave her! If you’re in the mood for some good comedy, check out some Amy Poehler comedy.

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