Women I Admire: #1 Elizabeth Hurley, FARM GIRL!

Some people may think I admire the women that I do for odd reasons. There are a lot of ranch wives that are my friends and neighbors that I admire for different reasons related to our line of work with the beef/agriculture industry but I also admire a few celebrities too; some for unusual reasons. Over the next few Wednesdays (because I picked Wednesdays to share oddities about me and my quirky personality so readers can get a better grasp of why I’m so weird), I am going to share some of the celebrities I admire and my reasons. They’re featured in no particular order.

One of the celebrities I admire is Elizabeth Hurley. Not because she’s a beautiful actress/model who still looks amazing at forty-six but because she’s a farm girl who raises and eats MEAT!

The public (especially women) are highly influenced by what they see celebrities doing. Many female celebrities featured in popular magazines these days are too thin, donate to charities that claim to help animals but actually help the organizations CEOs, and some are vegetarian or vegan. It’s really hard for me to like celebrities like these who set poor examples for their followers but I love what Elizabeth Hurley is eating and doing for agriculture. She has a farm on which she raises animals for food. The meat from the animals she raises is sold to restaurants and butchers and she also sells organic jerky snacks. What I also admire Elizabeth for is that she donates to charities that MATTER—charities that serve people: human beings (especially kids) that are in some kind of need, like food. The charities she supports reflects her compassion for people, which makes her seem more real and human to me (and really smart),  not a woman who thinks  that because of her celebrity status she is above the rest of society.

The charities that Elizabeth Hurley supports are:

ARK—Absolute Return for Kids

Caudwell Children

End Hunger Network

Macmillan Cancer Support


Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation

Maybe it’s because she’s a Brit but she doesn’t appear to me to feel the pressure that a lot of American celebrities do or pressure from the American public’s eye to be waif thin. Instead she comes across to me as a woman who’s comfortable in her own her body—at its normal weight. I sense that she is also unwavering in deciding for herself what to eat and what her body should look like.  That, but especially the fact that she’s literally involved with agriculture makes her especially down-to-earth in my eyes. You can’t raise animals and not get a little dirty. That makes her my kind of celebrity to admire.

I have admired her for a long time prior to discovering that she raises animals for food and eats meat. I first discovered I liked her after learning that she’s a Gemini also (born June 10, 1965), which tells me we probably share a lot of the same personality traits (especially if she has a farm and raises her own animals). One particular article I read (Cosmopolitan, October 1997) revealed that she and I have the same blood type (like I said, I have odd reasons for admiring certain celebrities). I can’t help but be drawn to any similarities, no matter how strange. It’s the South Dakotan in me that needs to find a connection with people.

I think it very fitting that she has a website that promotes her bikini line and her “guilt-free” snacks such as jerky. Her other snacks are made using some ingredients that come from her farm also.

Farm girls are beautiful and in my book, Elizabeth Hurley is worthy of my fan list.

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