Beef’s New Value Cuts

One of the things I learned a couple of years ago at the Women In Ag conference are the new beef value cuts available. These new cuts are roasts and steaks that fill the price-range and value gap from premium steaks to ground beef; and were developed by the Beef Innovations Group.

If you haven’t already heard of some of these cuts be on the lookout for them or better yet, try some of them out. It should be noted though that not all cuts will always be available at retail stores. The most common are the Flat Iron and Petite Tender.

Some of the cuts come from the chuck, which is the front shoulder area, some are from the round, or the back rump. A great visual where the following cuts are located and what they look like and for the cuts that don’t have a link included can be seen on this chart. Most of the links include cooking instructions and tips.

New cuts that are available from the chuck, specifically the chuck roll include:

The Sierra Cut

Denver cut

America’s Beef Roast

Boneless Country Style Ribs

Delmonico Steak

Cuts from the chuck shoulder clod include:

Flat iron

Ranch Steak

Shoulder Petite Tender

New cuts that come from the bottom round (on the outside) include:

Western Griller Steak

Western Tip Steak

Cuts from the heel of round include:

Braison Cut

Merlot Cut

Cuts from the top round (on the inside) include:

San Antonio Steak

Round Petite Tender

Tuscan Cut

Santa Fe Cut

I am most excited about the boneless country style ribs because I always make BBQ ribs for our branding and vaccination day dinner. I use short ribs from the beef we have butchered for freezer and have always supplemented with pork country style ribs but most of the crew usually picks the beef variety first. 

 No matter what the occasion is or what your budget is, there is likely a cut from these new value cuts that can fill the need.

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