12 Totally Useless Facts You May or May Not Want to Know About Me


  1. My dad wanted to name me Buck if I would’ve been a boy.
  2. When I waited tables in high school I beat the fry cook in an arm wrestling match.
  3. My biggest vice is that I like salt way too much.
  4. I stood on George Washington’s head at Mount Rushmore and got to see (what was to be) the Hall of Records once (a rare and special job perk).
  5. My favorite philosopher is Augustus McCrae.
  6. My pistol permit was accepted as a form of identification in order to drink beer one time. I forgot my driver’s license and wanted to be able to have a beer while watching my cousin’s husband in a boxing match at the Lode Star Casino on the Crow Creek Indian Reservation in Ft. Thompson, SD.
  7. I’ve always field dressed my own big game.
  8. My favorite chainsaw’s a Stihl 64.
  9. I’m left-handed.
  10. My nickname growing up was Newt.
  11. I used to go to work by helicopter every day. I was on the Black Hills Helitack fire crew for two summers and we did a lot of tree-thinning projects around the Black Hills until called out on a fire.
  12. I USED to chew Levi Garrett Big leaf tobacco while on fires.

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  1. Michelle Avatar

    You are wonderful. Some people just bless others, and I hope you know that you are definately one. Thank you for your “slant.”

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