South Dakota Farm Girls Show Viewers “The Good Life”

What I love about South Dakota women is that they’re not afraid to show people what they’re made of. True South Dakotans, farm girls, and friends, Laura Nielson and Ange Kapperman have been creating a buzz doing just that.

The two friends wanted to give the world an accurate view of what real farm girls do. After Nielson watched a video depicting unrealistic farm girls, she got her own YouTube channel to show the world what true women in agriculture do and that they’re proud of what they do. Kapperman soon got her own channel to do the same as well. These ladies keep it real and don’t primp or dress up for their videos. They get down to the nitty gritty of what farming and ranching is really like; from what they look like and what they wear while working, to why their family farm does what they do.

Laura and Ange both have YouTube channels that tell their story about what they do to contribute to agriculture, how they do it, and why. Videotaping a typical day on the farm is their preferred way of showing people what it takes to be a farm girl and where the consumer’s food comes from way before it hits the meat section of the grocery store. Getting a true account of what farm life is like for a farm girl doesn’t get any more real than (Neilson’s channel) or (Kapperman’s channel).

The videos are a great way to show people what really goes on on a farm but other people in agriculture can also appreciate and relate to many of the videos. One of Kapperman’s videos I enjoyed was lipstick, lunch, and calving; how calving time can throw a wrench in one’s plans no matter how much planning ahead is done. I’ve been there, done that. My favorite of Laura’s is The Good Life/One Republic/farm girl. Her picture montage depicts how my family as well as all the others like ours feel about the work we do.

The one thing these gals don’t have to say but that speaks louder than any of their words in their videos is their pride in what they do. As Laura says so perfectly for all of us in agriculture in her video, I’m only one voice in a million, and you ain’t taking that from me: “Every family needs a farmer.”

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