Have A Taste of Monte Walsh

I discovered a great new twist on a favorite sandwich of mine; the Monte Cristo, on one of my favorite new internet beef recipe resources. The recipe for the Monte Walsh (I love that for a sandwich name—after Tom Selleck’s character in Crossfire Trails) that calls for beef instead of ham. I got the recipe from the gals at the Beef on A Budget website and I can attest this is an awesome sandwich. It calls for jalapeño jelly, which gives the sandwich a sweet little kick, which I like.

I used two slices of my homemade bread, two of our farm fresh eggs, shredded mozzarella since that’s what I had on hand (cheddar cheese would be really good), about a tablespoon of jalapeño jelly for spreading on both bread halves, some fresh sliced jalapeños from my garden.  (the grasshoppers hadn’t gotten to them yet), and several slices of deli-sliced corned beef (it’s what was on sale at the store and what I had on hand).


Just cook the bread slices like French toast,


then start adding ingredients to heat up,

top with the other slice of bread, flip again till cheese is melted good and cut diagonally. My recipe instructions just makes one sandwich but you can adjust accordingly.

I’ve had the Monte Cristo sandwich with strawberry yogurt for dipping and tried it with the Monte Walsh. It was alright  but I preferred this one without it just because this is a gritty guy kind of sandwich. Most guys I know aren’t (or mine aren’t anyway)  keen on yogurt with their sandwich.   I highly suggest giving this sandwich a try. It’s my new favorite comfort food.

Visit the Beef on A Budget website for the original recipe and hundreds of other wonderfully budget-friendly and fresh ideas for beef dishes.


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  1. Pete Bakken Avatar
    Pete Bakken

    I think by the looks of it this sandwich could be put on the list of BEER food too! Looks delicious!! You deliver?

  2. Amy Avatar

    sandwich delivery (and beer) could be arranged but no guarantee the sandwich will be hot when it gets to you:)

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