Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine Makes Waiting for Tanks to Fill Enjoyable

Recently, my girlfriend Sadonna recycled her Mary Jane’s Farm magazines by passing them on to me.

She gave me three issues and I haven’t been able to part with them yet to pass onto someone else because they’re so good! For any of you guys out there who might be reading, Mary Jane’s Farm magazine is to women like the Farm Show Magazine  is to you.

The first time I perused through one of the issues was when I took them along for reading material while I pumped water for our heifers. We use a generator to pump water into their stock tank which I haul in the back of my jeep. While I waited for the tank to fill, I looked through one of the magazines. I enjoyed each page so much that I was disappointed when the tank was full before I got done looking at the first magazine.

The whole magazine totally fits my personality, which explains why my friend Sadonna passed them on to me. The following is an article about letter-writing; something I still enjoy doing.

It covers things I totally dig and  has great features, tips, ideas, and recipes. I’ve been inspired by several of the ideas for reusing things around my home and love reading the unique feature stories about other country girls as well as the articles written by other women. The magazine has inspired my cooking and also my writing to the point that I’ve started drafting articles I want to submit to the magazine myself. Mary Jane’s Farm is truly one magazine that I actually read almost in its entirety. Besides a great layout and fresh topics, the photos are great too. It’s a magazine that really makes me feel like I’m visiting with my country girlfriends sharing ideas and exchanging recipes and plantings from my flowerbeds. Besides all of the wonderful content in each issue, there’s also blogs readers can follow.

It’s  my newest source  for country-based inspiration on many topics, and just like a true country girl; I love to share with friends anytime I find a wonderful treasure. Take a gander.

2 responses to “Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine Makes Waiting for Tanks to Fill Enjoyable”

  1. SDPrairieWriter Avatar

    I love this magazine as well! It’s a breath of fresh air every time it hits my mailbox.
    .-= SDPrairieWriter´s last blog ..SDPrairieWriter: Meet Montana’s Ranch Woman of the Year – Marian Hanson! She is 78 and still riding horse #agchat =-.

  2. Amy Avatar

    I haven’t decided if I can wait long enough for my girlfriend to pass her old issues on to me or if I should subscribe myself! LOL.

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