Hat Collecting


If most women have a thing for shoes, then most men have a thing for ball caps. My husband rarely throws away a ball cap.

He doubles his head covering pleasure with cowboy hats also. Between the tack room and the gun cabinet, he’s got cowboy hats for as many years as we’ve been married.

His assortment of caps causes a storage problem in our already small home. We have to find a place to keep these buggers when there gets to be too many.  

Some cowboy hats and caps he’s had since before we met.  I’m not sure what the point of hanging onto them is if they aren’t doing him any good but he keeps them anyway.

About 1/3 of the caps he has are styles he doesn’t even like. His solution to storing all of his excess hats is to string them up in the rafters of the shop so that they’re out of sight.


He gets a lot of caps for free from various dealers he does business with and gets others as gifts. A few he’s bought but most of them he’s been given.

I can’t tell the difference from one ball cap to another but he claims there IS a difference. He has a certain shape in mind he wants his head to look like when he wears a cap and not all caps give him the desired shaped head that he’s after.

I’ve suggested he donate the ones that he doesn’t like but he can’t bring himself to part with most of his caps. He views it as throwing away free money: a behavior I have a hard time understanding. When he gets a new cap that he likes the style and shape of, the one he currently wears becomes his new work hat.

I find it ridiculous that he hangs onto hats that he doesn’t even wear but I’m sure the same could be said of me and all of the jeans I keep but don’t wear (shoes are not my collection preference). Some jeans were a bad impulse buy I spent too much money on, some I outgrew but hang onto anyway, and some I decided didn’t look as good on me once I got home and tried them out, so I guess we’re not so different afterall.

2 responses to “Hat Collecting”

  1. Kari Sanders Avatar
    Kari Sanders

    Last week I threw a cap away that Carl had received from a vaccine company, but today I noticed that Megan saved it. I thought it was the ugliest thing. I guess it’ll keep with the collection.

  2. Amy Avatar

    This totally made me laugh. I can picture your disgust (I’ve been there) and Megan’s face lighting up at her discovery. She has ranchers’ DNA–salvage whatever you find.

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