Deals Worth Waiting For

I’m a frugal junkie. I love being thrifty and getting what I want for a lot less money.

At the beginning of each new year I make a goal list of big ticket items I want. For starters, writing it down first gives me adequate waiting time to consider whether I really want or need the item. Sometimes I’ll think of something better, something different, or change my mind and adapt my list throughout the year.  I’m a firm believer in if it was meant to be it’ll happen.

I’ve learned that being patient is the key to getting what’s on my wish list if it means I can save half or more than what other people would pay full price for. Eventually the right deal usually comes along. I shop seasonal and clearance sales, second hand stores, yard sales and sometimes the classifieds.

Recording a list of wants has worked well for my husband’s wish list also. Once we share with each other what we’d like to find, we both keep an eye out for whatever it is. My husband bought this winch that can handle up to 12,000 pounds.

It’s hardly been used and is practically brand new. He managed to get it for $600.00.


He also wanted to get another roof mount spotlight for our other ranch pickup which are pricey brand new ($400). He was able to get two for free  from friends (okay, so he bought them a steak supper) who had them and weren’t going to use them.


I wanted a good booklight to take camping or traveling where we’d be staying in motels so I could read when I woke up while everyone else was still asleep. Normally a $25.00 gadget that plugs in or runs on batteries, I bought this gem at my girlfriend’s garage sale for .50 cents.

I had also always wanted a good Kitchen Aid mixer since I got married. When a girlfriend and I had a garage sale together, her neighbor brought over this Kitchen Aid mixer to put on the sale.

It didn’t even make it to a table when I found out she only wanted $25.00 for it. She had all the meat-grinding accessories to go with it also.

I waited five years before I finally got a high efficiency Maytag Neptune washer and dryer set and believe me, it was well worth the wait.

Since we have to conserve our water due to our shallow well, I knew a washing machine that used only 14 gallons (or so I was told–the set didn’t come with the manual) of water was exactly what I needed but just couldn’t justify paying $2,000-$3,000 dollars for a washing machine and dryer set. Last fall, a girlfriend texted me asking if I knew anyone who wanted a front loading washer and dryer. Her folks were selling their house and having an auction but the set wasn’t on the sale bill. I called her right away to find out if it was the Neptune set. Much to my delight it was: a 2007 washer and 2005 dryer and her folks were asking $500 for the set.

It had hardly been used and her parents had been traveling the last two years so the set had been setting in storage during that time. It was a great deal but the real kicker was that I sold my old set for $225.00 so I basically got a gently used Neptune washer and dryer for $275.00! So far it’s been what I call, “The deal of the century.”

More recently, I went to a garage sale that had saddles listed in the ad. I had been on the lookout to get a different saddle for myself. At the garage sale, one of the saddles wasn’t what I wanted and the other was, we think, but need to do a little more research; a custom made saddle that typically goes for $3,000 and something my husband was highly interested in (I didn’t want one that heavy). The owner was asking $800. I didn’t buy it that day, thinking once again, if it was meant to be it would be there the next day. I needed to discuss the expense with my husband. The next morning he went with me to look it over. It was still there and we got it for $600 as long as we took good care of it.

Even though I didn’t find the saddle I wanted, he appreciated finding one for him to get.

I’m still hopeful I’ll find one for me as well as a few other big ticket items I have on my list. Waiting is not something I handle very well unless it involves finding a good deal. Bargains are the only thing I have patience for.


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