Beef Recipes from A to Z

One of the things I love about cooking with beef is the many different ways I can enjoy it. I do a lot of experimental cooking mostly with roasts and steaks; sometimes hamburger, to discover new flavors and new favorite dishes.

I’ve never been brave enough to try cooking a prime rib but I’ve always wanted to try and found a site that’s given me courage to attempt it sometime. The What’s Cooking America is a cooking site but it has a plethora of beef recipes and information. It also has useful cooking hints and tips, a culinary dictionary, and good information about using meat thermometers, what internal meat temperatures should be (which all cooks need to be aware of), and guidelines for marinating meats.

Since I discovered the What’s Cooking America site, I’ve been visiting it regularly to get fresh ideas for our mealtimes and I always love reading others’ hints and tips that I can use in the kitchen. I think you’ll find some new ideas from it worth trying as much as I have. If you’ve ever asked yourself what you should cook for supper, What’s Cooking America can answer that question for you for quite a while.I can easily plan out a month’s worth of new recipes to try and the best part is I won’t have to search around for a pair of scissors to cut the recipes out.

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