A Lovely Little Collection From Nature

The first time I found a heart-shaped rock (the biggest one pictured) was when I was cleaning up around our yard. I was sure it had to be lucky because it was perfectly heart-shaped and I’d never seen one before.

I’ve always had a thing for heart-shaped objects, especially ones nature created. I considered the first one I found a rarity. For a long time it adorned my favorite flower bed and then I found another one. After finding a second one, I decided I would keep a vigilant eye out for more and try to collect them. Over the years I would spot more but none that were as perfectly shaped as the first one I found. When my daughter got older I enlisted her in my search for heart shaped rocks too. She has found many of the ones we’ve collected and we remember the day and place where we found each one.

Amazingly, we continue to find them now and then. I used to think that the chances of finding heart-shaped rocks were something that could only happen once in a lifetime. We’ve found enough that my daughter used them for a Hobbies and Collections 4-H project for Achievement Days at the county fair one year.

It’s been an entertaining hobby and a fun interest to share with my daughter. When we find one, we’re always excited to show it off and show each other. Our enthusiasm for finding such uniquely shaped rocks rubbed off on my husband too. He spotted a big one in the hayfield one day and scooped it up for us with the loader but when he dumped it in by the yard it broke in half. I told him I still wanted it and it would become our first “broken heart” rock which I’ve placed in my garden among my flowers.

I’m sure there are stranger things I could collect. I know a guy who collects rattlesnake rattles and elk teeth for example. Oh yeah, that guy would be my husband. I’ll just stick with my rocks.  I think they’re lovely.

2 responses to “A Lovely Little Collection From Nature”

  1. Diane @ home sweet homemade Avatar

    You have a beautiful collection. And I know what you mean, I treasure every heart shaped stone or shell that I happen to find. Funny remark at the end!! Happy father’s day to the rattlesnake tooth collector 🙂

  2. Amy Avatar

    Hey Diane, thanks for reading my blog and sharing your comments. I just found another one of my first heart-shaped rocks while cleaning out my garden shed that I thought I lost. Will have to check your blog out as well!

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