What Happens To Kids Who Don’t Get TV Time

When you deprive a child of television, they’ll end up doing stuff like this with their time:


This is an example of what my son can do with free time, camouflage duct tape and black electrical tape when there’s no television programming to watch. Evidently holding his water bottle in his hand isn’t as thirst quenching as when there’s a handle to hold onto.


Sister thought she needed a handle too, so he obliged her.


Without television programs to occupy my kids’ time, they find the most unusual of ways to entertain themselves.


This is what happens when I leave my laptop on while fixing dinner.

 These pictures were taken with my laptop’s eye cam they discovered. They entertain themselves with it and I don’t find out until later. I have no idea what this is about.

This is my son’s idea of hauling stuff. Never mind that he has a perfectly good bike his size available.



This is his idea of a bike rack.


And a kick stand.


When his dad told him to take the garbage up, instead of hauling it on the back of the pickup he decided to haul it with a bike. Who cares that it took him twice as long to get his “trailer” set up. He has lots of time since theree’s no cable, satellite, or even local channels (we live in a dead zone when it comes to getting reception of any kind) to watch. Once again my kids helped themselves to mom’s stuff–this time it was my dolly.  

Once sister saw what was going on, she met him on his way back to catch a ride since she was outside also. 


Notice how the pit stop got Pepper involved. She’s still trying to get someone to throw the ball for her; always keeping her eye on the ball.


And is patient and persistent; packing the ball with her until there’s another opportunity to try again. Check out the get-up sister’s wearing.


When our kids don’t have “TV time” this is normal activity at our house. I can assure you such spontaneous and industrious use of their time is way more entertaining to watch than watching a television program. The kids are entertained too.

3 responses to “What Happens To Kids Who Don’t Get TV Time”

  1. Wynn Avatar

    Brings back memories of growing up. After all I was in that desolate area where Robyn lives and only 2 channels on TV when we could get them. That even looks like my wagon! Have a Great Day!!!

  2. sherry Avatar

    that was fun to look at that is how it was at my house too never sit in the house with the tv be creative outside thanks for the laugh

  3. Janet Avatar

    Even up here south of Bison. One can find more things get done faster w/out tv. Our station (11) will be out indefinitely. PBS does have some very good documentaries. So not all that bad w/ out tv. 🙂

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