The Ranch Wife Chronicles: A Fellow South Dakota Ranch Wife’s Blog

At the Women In Ag conference this past fall I met a new friend Robyn, who lives in the opposite direction from where I live, and since we met we’ve stayed in contact through technology. Robyn and her husband live on a ranch in a more remote location than I do, yet she and I have discovered by reading each other’s blogs and sharing our comments that we have a lot more in common than we thought.

Robyn just recently started blogging but I find her blog The Ranch Wife Chronicles refreshing to read. Reading other ranch wives’ blogs like Robyn’s makes me feel like I’m still connected with other women who share the same lifestyle I do even though we don’t get to see each other in person very often.

Robyn regularly posts recipes which I always look forward to for cooking inspiration. She shares everyday happenings on her place and includes pictures of her ranch, which I thoroughly enjoy since I often wonder what other ranches look like and posts about current ranch work she and her husband are doing on their ranch. I enjoy learning how she and her husband operate their ranch and seeing similarities and differences with ours. It’s like comparing notes, getting ideas, and learning new tips with one’s job.

When you have a moment, take a gander through Robyn’s blog and leave a comment if you are so inclined. Comments are like getting mail, and ranch women enjoy it because visitors can be a rare treat.

3 responses to “The Ranch Wife Chronicles: A Fellow South Dakota Ranch Wife’s Blog”

  1. Robyn Avatar

    Oh my, Amy! You made my entire day, Thank You!!

  2. Amy Avatar

    Good! I enjoy checking out your posts.

  3. Kari Sanders Avatar
    Kari Sanders

    I enjoy keeping up on each of you through your blogs. Waiting for more rain here.

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