A Ranchwife’s Slant’s Core Value #5: Expand

Expand is a core value that is mostly a regular reminder of a continuous goal I have to grow in my column writing. It’s a core value that keeps me focused on improving and growing in different aspects of my column as well as my writing in general.

The biggest goal is to expand my readership by getting more newspapers to carry my column. Since I am self-syndicated I have to market my column on my own. I want to reach more readers with whom I can connect with as well as reaching readers who are unfamiliar but fascinated by our lifestyle.

Another goal this core value reminds me of is how I want to pursue other writing venues in addition to A Ranchwife’s Slant. I like to think the topics I write about in my column could be used as a launching pad to pursue writing articles for magazines, a couple of book ideas I’ve been mulling, and possibly speaking engagements for agriculture related events. By pursuing other possibilities I can expand my column’s readership, sources of inspiration, and writing for difference audiences.

I also aim to expand my writing resources and skills. I want to hone, polish, and cultivate my craft and be a better writer than I was the year before. I do this by reading books that focus on writing in general, humor, column writing, or other topics related to my craft.

Expand is a core value that will be something I will always be striving to improve. I am driven by goals, new adventures and new and exciting writing ideas.

Having a column has been a long time dream of mine. I am passionate about ranching and writing and my column has allowed me to do both. Thank you for allowing me to indulge a little about something I enjoy. It is my goal to bring the very best that I have to readers out there who take the time every week to read my column.

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