Core Value #4: Entertain

Entertain is the core value that I have the most fun with. Writing to entertain is the highlight of writing my column.

Newspapers provide people with local, national, and world news; stock market reports, forecasts, classifieds, letters to the editor, and columnists.

I seek to give readers something more entertaining than negative news or my opinions, although I’m sure my opinions shine through. Every newspaper needs to have something positive and humorous for readers to start their day with and I strive to provide that with my column. A Ranchwife’s Slant column is a cross between the comics and feature stories about agriculture.

I like the challenge of writing about ranch life or rural living and making it humorous. It helps me to dig out the humor in my column while I write if I imagine a reader’s reaction to my topics and sentences. I like improving my words, sentences and paragraphs for optimum humor and entertainment and frequently read my drafts out loud. If it makes me laugh out loud, then I know readers are likely to be entertained as well.

Entertain is the core value that’s easiest for me to focus on because I like the challenge of making my column better and looking for the right words and descriptions for my topic that will make readers laugh.

Expand is the last core value and I will talk about it next Monday.

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