Core Value #3: Delight

Delight is one of my favorite of A Ranchwife’s Slant’s core values. Because the goal is to get readers to read my column, I feel that delighting them is the best way to get them to come back. People feel good when they read something that’s real, funny, or something that they can relate to.

My personal mission is to be the best part of every readers’ day when my column comes out in their paper. I also try to blog about things I think people would find interesting enough to come back to but I try the hardest with my column.

I think about the columns, columnists and stories I’ve read or heard that make me smile and feel good after reading. I think about those articles that I find myself pondering over for hours or days after I’ve read them. I try very hard to consider my readers. They’re always on my mind when I am drafting a column. I imagine how they might feel or what they might think about after reading my column and if delighting them doesn’t come to mind or doesn’t make me feel delighted reading it, then I work on it some more.

There are plenty of columnists out there covering the politics, trends, foods, parenting and various other topics of interest. I try to be the positive columnist that makes people forget about the world’s problems for a little while and focus on the little things in life by delighting them any way I can.

When I read my final draft out loud I imagine readers reading my column; maybe reading it out loud at the table or easy chair. I enjoy delighting readers through the foibles that go on here and my perspective on things. I prefer to imagine my readers smiling and feeling happy after reading my column. Those kinds of thoughts help me find the “delight” to put in my writing. It makes my writing and ranch work more enjoyable.

Of the five core values I’ve established, delight is one that I consistently strive for with every column.

Entertain will be the next core value I will talk about.

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