Core Value #2: Inform

Inform is a core value I feel is an important focus for my column.   With so much misinformation in the media about eating beef, ranching and agricultural practices in general from sources that have never set foot on a ranch, I am able to speak out about the truth but I do so in a different way.

As a columnist and agvocate, I feel a responsibility to do what I can to set the record straight with people but I want to do it in a way that hooks people’s attention and draws positive interest in reading my column. Humor is the perfect tool for this. I am able to enlighten misinformed readers by sharing the truth with real-life experiences of what really goes on at a ranch but with an interesting, entertaining, and positive approach.

I like to shed positivity on our lifestyle in a way that farmers and ranchers can appreciate and for those who are unfamiliar with ranch life can learn something they didn’t know before about ranching. I consider my column an opportunity to speak on behalf of every farmer, rancher, red meat eater, or anyone else involved in agriculture.

I take great pride in having a chance to share real life experiences with readers. By being blatantly honest with them and revealing my family’s everyday life, I’ve established a relationship with readers in which I’ve gained readers’ trust in providing the truth about agriculture. Some of my favorite ways to do this have been sharing commonly used terminology on ranches and telling humorous personal ranch-related stories.

I’m confident that presenting the facts in an entertaining way will spread the truth a lot faster. I enjoy finding ways to inform people without them realizing that they’re learning the truth by using humor as a cover. My idea of this core value is to inform but not bore, by making my information funny and interesting.

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