A Different Kind of Church Service

Whether my family is on our way to first service church or we’re on our way to feed cows on a Sunday morning, I enjoy listening to Father Joe Breighner’s Country Roads  weekly radio show on KOUT 98.7 out of Rapid City, South Dakota in the car or pickup.

Even though I’m not Catholic (I call myself a lukewarm Lutheran because I attend church at Pringle United Methodist also), I thoroughly enjoy Father Joe’s weekly message. It’s not your typical sermon. He shares a message related to common problems people have—mostly about relationships—and plays country songs of today that relate to his message. In addition to sharing good messages that all people can relate to, he shares wonderful stories about people, sometimes a heartwarming poem, or a mnemonic that references his message. An example would be F.R.O.G., which means “Forever Rely On God.” He likes to share his dry wit as well.

Regardless of whether I am able to make it to church on a Sunday, I like getting the half hour inspirational boost that Father Joe provides every Sunday morning. His topics ring true with most people and I always turn off the radio with something that sticks with me. I feel like his radio show is always thought provoking and moving. Check it out and see what you think. There’s a link on the sidebar to hear the show.

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