Journaling Part IV

This post concludes my series on journaling. I hope it inspires you to record something regarding your life. It can be a great way to organize your life or share with future generations what life was like during your lifetime.


In picking out a journal, choose a style that fits your personality. I like journals that have lots of pages. I prefer hardcover for the journals I write my thoughts in but I also love leather bound. I make myself use a journal even if it was expensive or seems too nice to write in—that’s what a journal is for and they’re worth using. The pricier and leather bound journals hold up better.

When you pick out a journal to record things in you should consider what you want to record and what options journals offer. Pick one you are mostly likely to write in; something that will get you excited about using.

  • What color; designed or plain cover?
  • Lined or unlined?
  • Small, medium, or large size?
  • Hardbound, softbound, leather bound or spiral bound?
  • A blank journal, standard notebook, calendar, planner, or pocket calendar?
  • How easy is it to write in?
  • Consider it’s sturdiness if you plan to carry it in a purse, bag, or pocket.

Whenever I use notebooks (I use them for my free-writing and brainstorming writing sessions) I’ve found that ones that are plastic spiral bound don’t snag anything and plastic covers are hold up to my coffee spills and being carried everywhere.

I’m left-handed and insist on journals that lay completely flat when opened for easier writing. It’s very difficult to write freely if the pages and the cover are trying to close on me as I write; it’s annoying and becomes a distraction. I also prefer medium sized journals because I can fit more on the wide pages. I also like to have wide lines so I can write in my normal handwriting text size.

I use hardbound, softbound and spiral bound depending on the purpose of my journal. The journal I record in the most is usually hardbound.

Once you get a journal, the important thing is that you use it. Don’t feel like you’ll ruin an expensive journal if you make mistakes and scratch stuff out. Mistakes should be in there; they’re part of who you are. I promise, you won’t regret using it.

The best way to get yourself into the habit of making use of a journal is to carry it around with you or leave it in a visible spot that you’ll be able to write in it easily. Carrying a journal with you is a great way to kill time whether you’re just writing down your to-do and grocery list or expressing your aggravation at having to wait for something. It keeps me from getting aggravated while waiting.

Journaling is a wonderful organizer but also a great stress reliever on many levels and the cheapest therapy around. I hope you find a reason to keep one.

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  1. Robyn Avatar


    Good series on journaling. I learned from your series that I keep a lot more journals than I give myself credit for. I use a daily planner, but also keep several other idea type journals.

    I am a lefty too! In HS my Mom found spiral bound notebooks made for left handed writers.


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