Dakota Photo

If you’re a history buff, are infatuated with the Black Hills of South Dakota, or appreciate beautiful photography, I encourage you to visit Dakota Photo. Paul Horsted’s photography and books are the best places to satisfy any of the above aforementioned interests.

Paul and his family go to the same church I do, his wife and I are in the same book club, and I proudly own and regularly use two Nikon cameras and lenses that Paul previously used. He lives in Custer and works from his home and has done extensive work re-photographing places photographers took when pioneers and explorers first came through the Black Hills. His books include The Black Hills, Yesterday and Today, Exploring with Custer: The 1874 Black Hills Expedition (co-authored with Ernest Grafe), Custer State Park: From the Mountains to the Plains, and most recently, Crossing the Plains with Custer, a companion volume to Exploring with Custer.

The photos Paul’s posted on his website called South Dakota Beauty and Lightning and Rainbows! are my favorites and are worth a look. His books are fascinating reading and the photographs are a joy to look at. Seeing places that were photographed in the 1870’s from the exact same locations years later are amazing. These books make wonderful conversation pieces, gifts, and compliment any coffee table or trip to the Black Hills.

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