The Hand That Feeds U.S.

The Hand That Feeds U.S. is an agricultural resource that provides accurate information about agriculture for urban media and strives to clarify misinformation regarding U.S. agriculture, farming practices, farm policy, and biofuels.

Farmers and ranchers have the heavy burden of feeding people around the globe while the world’s population continues to increase. The Hand That Feeds U.S. website posts headlines on agriculture in the news, featured articles, spotlight videos, profiles on farms, co-ops, and ag opponents, and provides accurate information for reporters. Links to supporters of the Hands That Feed U.S., social media connections, and other useful ag-related links are also provided on the website.

The Harvest Series is people’s stories, photos, and videos about their first experiences helping with a harvest. The Green Series focuses on the world’s first environmentalists—farmers; and explains how farmers care about the land because they make their living off of it. The Green Series lists facts and information pertaining to farming and the environment, and includes articles about farmers’ eco-friendly practices.

People can learn more about agriculture in the U.S., the farmers of America, and what people in the agriculture industry have to say about their business and what the media’s perspective is by visiting The Hand That Feeds U.S.

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