Shopping the Old Fashioned Way at Motive Parts

Motive Parts is a store especially designed for the rancher. It’s the perfect place for a man to do his shopping because he can pick up his ranch supplies and buy Christmas presents for his family; provided his wife likes Carhartt clothing and he does any Christmas shopping.

There is no other place where a person can buy ear tags, animal vaccines, camping equipment, toys, scotch caps and clothing all in one place. We buy most of our livestock supplies and ranch materials there because it’s usually in stock, the store’s not in a busy part of town and has ample parking, the same competent people are always there who know what we’re talking about when we ask them questions, and we receive good old-fashioned customer service.

One time I searched in vain all over Rapid City for a toy ranch set that my son had seen a couple of years before and decided he wanted. I couldn’t find it anywhere and when I was finally able to track down one of the many elusive employees at each store I checked, I was told that the company had quit making them and suggested other stores. Before I gave up, I decided to drive out to Motive Parts as a last resort and they still had one.

Since then, I frequently make Motive Parts my first stop on shopping excursions. I always find unique gift ideas that are reasonable and usually useful for the people on my Christmas list. I’ve bought most of my husband’s birthday, Father’s Day and Christmas presents there.

Most of the ranch supplies we need we get at Motive Parts. Shopping there is easy; the way it should be. They have two locations, one east of Rapid City and one in Belle Fourche.

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