My Blogging Schedule

 In case you’re unaware of my blogging schedule, I’ve picked different topics for each day of the week to focus on. My blogging goal has been to entertain and inform readers about agriculture, the beef industry, South Dakota and rural life. If you can’t remember, it’s posted on my “About Amy” page .

I don’t blog daily, but try to blog at least every other day or every couple of days. If certain topics interest or bore you more than the others, you can come back accordingly. Here are the topics to expect for each day of the week:

LUNCHBOX MONDAY is: Anything and everything on my writing work from how I generate ideas to my writer’s tool box, or sneak peaks about the column I’m currently working on.

HOME-COOKED MEAL TUESDAY is: All things family; our traditions, meals, relatives, family life, routines, family time, and the like.

COMFORT FOOD WEDNESDAY is: Stuff you may or may not want to know about me; past, present, and off the wall. Stuff that will make you feel normal. 

WHERE’S THE BEEF THURSDAY is: All about my rural life on ranching, South Dakota, Pringle, and our surroundings.

LEFTOVERS FRIDAY is: A recap and/or highlights (or disasters) that stood out over the past week.

POTLUCK SATURDAY is: A heaping helping of everything. Favorite Kirk ranch meals from my personal cookbook, informative facts or websites about agriculture, beef, South Dakota, the Black Hills, local area news, or related issues.

BUZZARD STEW SUNDAY is: The name my dad used for his stew—a surprise and never made with the same ingredients; Totally useless information or oddball stuff you just can’t get from reading anywhere else.

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