I’m A Cruel Girl

Actually, being a cruel girl is not my thing, but it is the brand of jeans I like to wear.


The first pair of Cruel Girl jeans I bought didn’t impress me. The denim failed to hold up after a year and I didn’t plan to buy another pair.

It wasn’t until I started seeing the jeans’ popularity grow that I decided maybe the brand had improved their product. The denim was better quality, back pockets had a couple signature designs (my first pair didn’t have any pocket design),


there were different denim blue shades, and certain styles had a split at the hem for cowboy boots; another Cruel Girl signature.

This is my oldest pair. They’re holding up a lot better than that first pair I bought.   DSC_2281.jpg

The first pair became a shop rag.

Cruel Girl jeans have become my favorite jeans to wear mostly because they’re comfortable enough to wear all day, everyday. I don’t look forward to coming into the house to wanting to change into something more comfortable.


It may seem silly since I’m not tall, but I prefer my jeans with a extra length. The extra long pants make me feel like I’m getting more pants for my money and taller. I live in these jeans and wear them for all occasions. They fit good and are always comfortable even  with long johns on and a few extra pounds.

When sales, discounts, clearances, and coupons present themselves, I sometimes take advantage of the cheaper price and give myself an excuse to replace an old pair of Cruel Girl jeans. The oldest, broken-in, and most well-worn pair becomes my new pair of work jeans for chores and dirty work. I’ve managed to accumulate several different pairs over the years.

DSC_2114.jpg picture by RanchSlants

I’ve worn different Cruel Girl jean styles and I like them all, but the “Georgia” style is my favorite.


In these jeans, I’m comfortable being a Cruel Girl.

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