Dry Off Organically and Exfoliate The Frugal Way

Wednesdays are blogging days I’ve dedicated to sharing tidbits about myself to give my column readers a little insight regarding my weirdness. Today it’s about my bathroom towel preferences. First off as you can see, none of my towels are color coordinated. My towels don’t match my bathroom decor either (there’s not enough room). Just one of the many ways I buck monotony and trends. Not following the rest of socieity isn’t as stressful and takes a lot less effort.

You may find this a little strange, but there are people out there who prefer their bathroom towels dried in a dryer (and color coordinated) to give them soft and fluffy-feeling towels when they dry off, like that Snuggles fabric softener bear likes.

There is a staggering number of people who are convinced that towels have to be washed with fabric softeners. People who bought fabric softeners also bought the high-end 12 step program for exfoliating that requires following the steps exactly as instructed in order to achieve proper dead skin sloughage of the face and body.

Instead of drying off with a towel after using expensive exfoliating scrubs, why not skip the scrubs and 12-step program and just use the towel to do it all like I do?

Exfoliating is good for the skin and line-dried towels do it for free in one step which takes only a minute to do. Hanging towels outside on a clothesline gives towels that scrunchy exfoliating stiffness.

 I love that feeling. I even like way line-dried towels look.


The rough texture exfoliates my face, waking me up and invigorating my skin as I dry off. People who use soft and fluffy towels must prefer them due to having a tender hide from over exfoliating. I’m so used to my scrunchy towels that dryer-dried towels washed with a fabric softener feels greasy; almost water-resistant like to me, which prolongs the goal of getting dried off. Towels that are dried on a clothesline actually absorb water instead of smearing it around, and the stiffness of towels dried outside scratch my back at the same time.

If you haven’t joined the organic movement yet you can start by drying off and exfoliating organically with line-dried towels.

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