AgriTalk: The Voice of Rural America

While out feeding cows with the bale bed pickup, I like to listen to AgriTalk on the radio at 9:06 a.m. (10:06 CT). AgriTalk is a live radio show that discusses current events and hot topics in the news regarding agriculture and hosted by Mike Adams.  I find it enjoyable to listen to, and it’s not even a comedy show.

We live close enough to Nebraska that we’re able to pick up the radio station that AgriTalk comes on, which happens to be the farthest radio station from us and is ironic since we can’t pick up cell service within a 10 mile radius or local TV stations 60 miles away.

I get a lot out of listening to AgriTalk. Adams usually has guests on the show that contribute information and discuss the issue at hand. Sometimes I don’t want to miss what’s being said and will sit in the pickup listening while the pickup becomes surrounded by cows trying to get a bite of the hay bale I’ve set on the ground but haven’t cut the twine off of.

I like to be informed as a cattle producer, land steward and land owner and try to read a lot in the agriculture papers we subscribe to, but feel more empowered by the information I hear on the show at times. I think Adams asks good questions, bringing up pertinent concerns, and views all aspects of his chosen topic for the day.

AgriTalk can be found online, and the site provides podcasts, noteworthy agricultural news and issues, photos, links, a map of AgriTalk radio stations, and commentary from Adams.  

Listen in or read up on current issues regarding products that farmers and ranchers work hard to provide for our nation and the world.

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