My Family Cookbook

I got this blank recipe book as part of a wedding gift that I almost put on a yard sale. I had a revelation as I thumbed through it before putting in a box of stuff for the sale. I decided it would be the perfect book for keeping all of my favorite recipes in one spot and put it aside. Most likely what it was intended for.


I started filling up pages with all of the recipes I use a lot, like my bread recipe, seasoning mixes, potluck dishesetc., then I added all of my family favorite standbys when I’m in a cooking funk and my kids’ favorite recipes. I’ve since added new favorites I’ve stumbled upon that got good reviews from my family and recipes from friends and family that have also become a favorite. A wide majority of the recipes are from friends and relatives but that I’ve customized with additions and eliminations or substitutions and written them in. Like the taco dip from my girlfriend Kristie. We go way back…to high school.


I’ve included my most-asked for seasoning mixes, appetizers or casserole recipes. My kids will often tell they want a certain recipe to go into the “family favorites cookbook,” and my son has said several times that he wants certain recipes from this cookbook when he goes to college. One time he said he plans to be a bachelor for a while.

I make a special effort to always write out my recipes so the cookbook is all in my handwriting. It’s like a journal of recipes to pass down to my kids someday.

Recipes from my cookbook will be posted Sunday, October 24, 2010.

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