You Can Have Your Beef and Eat It Too

I am on a perpetual cooking journey to find new ways to prepare and serve various cuts of beef to my beef-eating carnivores. I try to challenge my limitations; cooking beef 95% of the time and being the frugal ranch wife cook that I am. It’s good to stretch my cooking frame of mind.

I frequently investigate resources that feature beef—JUST beef. When I find websites that focus on cooking beef only, I spend less time trying to narrow my search for a new beef recipe. Instead, I get to thinking about the next time I’ll get to see that frying pan again.

Beef on a Budget is a great dating service for hooking up cheap cooks with beef recipes. It’s a site for cooks like me who try to feed their family on beef as inexpensively as possible.

Beef on a Budget was created two college-girlfriends who both grew up on ranches and wanted to stay involved with agriculture and make a contribution to the beef industry. The recipes they provide prove that cooking with beef can be fast, easy, and affordable; three criteria that are high on my list of priorities in the kitchen.

The site features recipes with photos and includes the cost of all the ingredients used in the recipe and cost per plate to show how a meal made from a featured beef cut can be more affordable than people think. I love the dishes that are featured because the recipes call for basic ingredients that I consider staples in my pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.

The site has a smorgasbord of beef dishes I’ve never tried or heard of before. It takes the work out of cooking for me, which is trying to find something new and exciting about fixing supper. I can usually find at least three new meals on the site that my family is likely to enjoy. It’s really handy when I’m feeling too lazy to go through cookbooks and magazines for ideas. Visit Beef on a Budget and have some dinner.

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