The Scoop on Beef

A site worth perusing is I go there a lot for recipes but also for the helpful information it provides about beef  that I can share with people.

Beef It’s What’s For Dinner is funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and the website provides helpful beef related information. Besides wonderful recipes, it also provides helpful cooking information: meat preparation suggestions, using marinades and rubs, different ways to cook beef, determining doneness, and good information on food safety, which is a must read. I feel consumers need to understand the importance of cooking meat to the right temperature.

The Summer Grilling tab focuses on everything that pertains to grilling with beef from safety, to how much to buy when entertaining and includes secrets from the experts.

The Shopping for beef tab gives tips for purchasing beef, quantities, understanding how to read the meat labels; the different grades and cuts of beef, and buying beef for every budget.

The Beef & Health tab explains the power of protein, nutrient rich beef, nutritional guidelines, and gives the facts on fat with beef.

The Lean Beef tab lists the most popular lean beef cuts chosen by restaurants and in the grocery store. There are 29 cuts of lean beef.

The Celebrations tab talks about celebrating holidays and entertaining with beef.

The site also features how-to videos on different featured cuts of beef and the Today’s Beef Choices sidebar includes a helpful link,, which explains how beef gets to your plate, features families who raise beef, and the connection with cattlemen, farms, ranches, and the environment.

This is a good site to visit the next time you are getting ready to cook for company, the holidays, or just have a beef related cooking question.

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