ROBB’S is a Steal


Nothing delights me more than getting away with something, especially when it’s normally really expensive at full price.


ROBB’S is one of my wonderful little secrets and shopping there is like going on a treasure hunt for me. That should indicate that it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Several years ago, I began shopping at ROBB’S, which is a store that carries a wide range of products that companies can no longer sell at full price or gave up trying to sell. I get many of the same great products other people pay double or more for. I just have to accept that a lot of the merchandise there has issues, which doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not beneath buying items no one else wants if I can get them cheaper. Products like crumpled corners on boxes of cereal,

dented cans,

discontinued merchandise, products with old packaging, misaligned labels or missing lids,

nearing expiration dates,

and items that weren’t big sellers. These cast-offs/misfits of merchandise fit in perfectly in our home because that’s how most of our stuff  is and for little money, I am more than willing to pay for their adoption.

I am an extremely thrifty shopper and proud of it. It’s the rancher mentality in me—I’m a tight hide. I love getting bargains on products I normally use, and I rarely pay full price for most of what I buy.

Shopping at ROBB’S has also been an inexpensive way to try different products I normally wouldn’t have been willing to buy if I saw it in a grocery store.

The only drawback is if it turns out to be something I really like and only bought one. ROBB’S doesn’t restock the same items. Each shipment contains thousands of completely different products. If I come across inch thick five-subject notebooks for $1.25, I’ll buy a stack, because more ‘n likely they’ll be gone if I go back to buy more.

What’s really shocking is when I see a product in the grocery store that I’ve bought at ROBB’S before and it costs double, triple, or even quadruple what I paid. Sometimes ROBB’S can spoil me if I’m used to paying pocket change for something that’s a few bucks in the store.

ROBB’S is located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota, and it has everything, from furniture, large appliances, candy (my family’s favorite finds), boxed and canned goods, office supplies, toiletries, health and beauty products, and OH, COFFEE!! I LOVE it when ROBB’S carries gourmet coffee!

I stock up on name brand coffees that are normally more than I’m willing to pay. It gives me a chance to try different brands and varieties. Getting my coffee at ROBB’S is like hitting the jackpot for me.

I always go into ROBB’S expecting to drop 100-150 dollars at least because I leave with 4-5 boxes chock full of products my family uses and will stock my pantry inexpensively.

Since shopping at ROBB’S I rarely pay more than two dollars for a box of cereal

or name brand teas. Some brands are as much as $4.00 in the grocery store! It’s dried up leaves for Pete’s Sake!

My mind is so much more relaxed when I pay these prices.

The disadvantage to ROBB’S for me is the store’s location. Belle Fourche is nearly a two hour drive at the far north end of the Black Hills and is not along the major highways we frequent. I always plan a stop at ROBB’S whenever we sell calves every fall, or haul dry or open cows to the sale barn in Belle. I inventory my pantries whenever I know we’re heading to the northern Black Hills.  ROBB’S shopping is how I get a cheap shopping fix.

Don’t get me wrong; I love to see my son play football against the Belle Fourche Broncs or watch him wrestle at Belle’s tournaments, but ROBB’S does have a high priority with me when we’re in the town. As soon as I get any sports schedule, I check to see when activities will take place in Belle, or nearby Spearfish and Lead/Deadwood.

I can hardly wait to go there in a couple of weeks. I’m planning a detour to Belle when my son plays football  in Lead/Deadwood. I’m so glad he plays sports.

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