First Day of Elk Season

Nasty weather didn’t discourage elk hunters from attempting to fill an elk tag on the first day. Wind gusts and chilly air laced with flecks of flying snow on and off all day, kicked off elk hunting season. Clouds covered the sky that made for a grey-looking day with only glimpses of sunshine in the afternoon. 

I deliberately hauled water early enough in the morning (about 7:15) to swing by the Hitchrail and see if any pickups in the parking lot had any elk in the back that were harvested at first light. There was only one guy that came to town with a bull but considering how scarce the elk have been around the area, he got a really nice one. 

RWS_1st elk of season

Before long hunters poured into the Rail to discuss the morning’s results, regroup and come up with plan B over breakfast. The Hitchrail was like elk hunting headquarters.



Throughout the day, hunters came and went to give their group’s hunting reports and to find out how others did before going back out again.

RWS_Hitchrail parking lot

The weekend will continue to be full of camouflage, hunter orange and unfamiliar pickups. I plan to be in Deadwood for the Festival of Books so I’ll have to get an update on Friday and Saturday from my husband and son. I’ve been told Deadwood got more accumulated snow than here so it may be a soggy couple of days for me.

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