My Apologies

I’m apologizing to you readers for my inconsistency in posting my blogs. Maybe some of you have already figured this out about me and have chosen to accept me the way I am. Did you not read my column story about the butter dish and sugar bowl (Ranch Life Suits a Gemini—in the archives and previously posted as a blog)? I’m consistently inconsistent. But I am working on it because I don’t intend to annoy anyone.
I’ve tried to establish Tuesday as my blog writing/posting day, but that conflicts with my weekly column writing day, so I don’t always get my blog achieved then. I can’t bring myself to just throw out anything to you. I take pride in cooking up a blog or story for your eyes that’s been marinated a while, checked closely, and prepared to perfection and your liking (I hope) before serving it up.
I also love to shake things up and why not make all of you join me, hopping back and forth here and keepin’ you on your toes guessing when my next post will be? It’s my way of getting you to come and visit more often. Or that’s how I justify my irregular postings anyway. It’s just that other important stuff pops up that needs my attention—not that you aren’t one of the most important things in my life because you are, but you’ve been too nice to tell me to bust a move with the next blog, the way I hear about other to-dos that need my attention. So come back. I love company and I promise to have occasional treats for your reading sweet tooth.
Now that school’s in session, I am going to try to do my blogging on Thursdays; and more often if possible. In addition to the regular chaot (our slang word for chaos) that surfaces for me to share, I have a lot of blog ideas squirreled away, so there’ll be plenty to read about if you come back to visit. So, “Ya’ll come back now; ya heauh?”

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