Ranch Life Suits A Gemini

Horoscopes seems hokey to me, but I find ranching and my Gemini characteristics perfectly suited for each other. Both are chock full of the unexpected and our unpredictable lifestyle is well-matched to my mercurial nature and penchant for adventure.
Work on a ranch takes place outside and requires a lot of physical activity—a Gemini’s dream work environment. Without large doses of sunshine, the outdoors, physical activity, new challenges, and change, days can feel like a slow death. Long-standing routine and drudgery kills a Gemini but ranch work and chores change with the seasons and make for an exciting and enjoyable job.
Life on a ranch or with a Gemini is never dull. When my husband gets impatient trying to find the sugar bowl or butter dish he’ll say, “So where’d you put it this time?” It’s most likely wherever I used it last and I seldom pay attention to where that was. I distract him with my sign’s trait of cleverness, wit and charm while I try to find the sugar or butter for him by responding with, “That’s my contribution to keeping your life interesting and my reassurance that you’ll think of me every day, Honey.”
Whether my husband realizes it or not, when he proposed to me he also made a very wise business decision. Not only do Geminis love learning new things, we are highly independent, multi-faceted and self-starters; renowned jacks-of-all-trades which is invaluable on a ranch. He also likes people around who can hustle when helping, which Gemini’s excel at. We’re characterized as being quick.
Being married to a Gemini has also spared him the expense of time and money in getting help with cows, putting up hay and other tasks. Versatility enables Geminis to do several different jobs, which is exactly what ranching demands. We can handle whatever is required of us because we’re like chameleons; changeable to any situation. My husband doesn’t like wasting a lot of time explaining or supervising and knows I understand (most of the time) what the day’s mission is and trusts me with equipment. Once I get the gist of something, I can handle any job assignment and I do my best work when unsupervised.
My husband never knows what’s in store when he leaves the house or comes home. South Dakota weather patterns, cows and equipment periodically spring new situations that baffle him for a while. Likewise, I am constantly putting my creative and inventive mind to work on projects at home or to resolve ranch problems in ways he never would have imagined.
If times get really tough, he’ll never have to worry about me abandoning him because I’ll be the last one to even consider jumping ship. I would hate to miss the adventure of riding out any storm. Adversity and the unknown give me purpose.
Once, we experienced a five day power outage from a snowstorm and when the electricity was restored, I was secretly saddened. Difficult times motivate me to strategize ways to help us cope. I counter my husband’s despondent nature at the onset of a hardship with my optimistic outlook. When he gets stressed from problems sandbagging us all at once, I tell him not to worry; having a Gemini around is a good sign.
column originally published July 26-August 1, 2009

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